The Horizon

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in swimming pools. The Horizon, Leisure Pool's latest addition is unlike any other composite pool being produced in the world today.

This pool features a stunning infinity-edge causing water to seemingly disappear into the horizon. Whether it is a beautiful panoramic view or your own backyard creation, the Horizon allows water, earth and nature to combine.

This ingeniously created swimming pool incorporates patent-pending design and innovation technologies to encapsulate the transition from in-ground to out-of-ground..

The Horizon features a recirculating water system in which water flows over the infinity edge, then cascades into it's own in-built reservoir before being returned to the pool.

Optional storage compartments can be added to the pool to conveniently house it's filtration equipment out of sight. The compartments effectively protect your valuable filtration equipment, while also allowing it to operate more efficiently with it's close proximity to the pool. The compartments double as lounge seats for relaxing in the sun without having to be in the water.

A full-width bench provides seating in the water, where optional spa jets can be added to enhance your experience.

The Horizon will fit perfectly on awkward sloping sites or into a deck where you thought a pool was not possible. The flat-bottom floor is ideal whether you are looking to take a relaxing dip or play games with your friends and family.

The Horizon, is a completely unique swimming pool that will revolutionize people's thinking and the way we enjoy water.


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The Horizon



The Horizon

The Horizon


3D Demo of Horizon Key Features


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