The Palladium Plunge

In many areas, these days, the available space for a swimming pool is becoming limited. Smaller building blocks and larger homes are squeezing the space for a pool.

Even so, many homeowners still desire the pleasures offered by their own swimming pool. This trend towards smaller and smaller swimming pools had led to the development of the plunge pool. The plunge pool, more than any other style of swimming pool is becoming increasingly popular.

Plunge pools don't just serve as a place to cool off and relax as many homeowners now see them as a landscaping statement.

The Palladium Plunge is the ideal pool for the smaller area. It makes a great centrepiece for a courtyard scene. Add a water feature to a Palladium Plunge pool and place it so that it can be readily seen from your home and you not only have a convenient swimming pool but also a stunning visual effect.

The smaller courtyard style plunge pools are also much less expensive to heat if you are thinking of extending your swimming season.


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The Palladium Plunge



The Palladium Plunge

The Palladium Plunge


3D Demo of Palladium Plunge Key Features


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