The Leisure Pools® Opal™ Tanning Ledge serves as the ultimate addition to any Leisure Pools® swimming pool. This versatile ledge maintains a shallow, consistent depth, providing an ideal place to bask in the sun or a safe area for young children to play.

Leisure Pools® designers created this ledge to have both a curved side and a straight side so that it would complement almost any style pool within the Leisure Pools® range while also enhancing your experience by providing an additional lounge area with a solid, stable depth.

The Opal™ Tanning Ledge offers you more ways to customize your backyard, not only with the addition of different water features, but also lets you choose the width and placement of your spillovers. Since The Opal™ Tanning Ledge has a natural spillover, you are now able to enjoy the beauty and calming sounds of cascading water.


The popularity of The Opal™ allows us to introduce our newest tanning ledge, The Topaz™. The shallow depth, running at 1 foot, allows for an even greater definition to your life of leisure allowing you to soak your feet in the cool water while still enjoying the sunshine. Many families are also adding a tanning ledge as a water fun pad for their pets to splash around in and enjoy the water, especially for smaller breeds that may not want to enjoy a full swim in the water but still enjoy playing in the water. This tanning ledge fits any Leisure Pools® swimming pool with a straight edge which is a wide variety of pool options. Any number of spillways can be added for even greater visual and design excitement.

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