Control your lights, cleaning, maintenance and more with your cellphone, laptop or tablet.

We love to get “geeky” with you. As a former engineer , Russ loves talking robotics, technology and remote control systems that make your life even easier and more enjoyable.

Today, there is technology available to control your pool’s lighting, maintenance (pool cleaning and chemical balance) and security (such as with an automatic swimming pool cover.)

Ask us to show you how a VS Omni variable-speed pump, with smart pool control, can save you energy (up to 90%) and is easy to install and use.

Ask us how the Hayward OmniLogic system allows you to regular your pool’s temperature and maintenance.

Ask us how, with just a touch, you can automate ambient features like water features and lighting.

Read more about the options available to you in the brochures available below or just call us at (905) 719-7918 and let us walk you through the incredible work of comfort, security and stress-free control.